Reading response to “The Scent of the Gods”


Dear Shin,

How are you? Are you busy practising in the army? I am writing to encourage you to protect your own country.

Firstly, I appreciate you for standing out to protect your own country. Not many teenagers have the bravery to stand out and fight for their country. There are rights and responsibilities in a country. The government gives their citizens their rights and people have their responsibility to protect their country. I Hope you can persevere and stay in the National Cadets.

Secondly, your dad will be proud of you. your dad joined the National Cadet before. Your dad will support you to become a soldier in the army. If you fight for your country, your dad will be proud of you because you also have the bravery to protect your own country and he will support also. Your dad will be proud of you.

Thirdly, you may become a hero of your country and the people of your country may be thankful to you. People want the country that they live in to be safe. If there are not any volunteers to become soldiers, your country will be in danger. After you fight for your country, people will know that there is someone investing to fight for their country. They will be thankful to you when you get the victory. Don’t give up on your country and the people. They have hope on you.

Lastly, your action of joining the National Cadets may encourage other teenagers to join the National Cadets. If there are more people joining the National Cadets, more people will be fighting for their country. When there are more and more people fighting for their country, the chance of victory will also be higher. The army has a higher chance to win the war. Continue to join the army, and encourage others to join too!

Shin, although I don’t know you very well, I encourage you to join the army. Not anyone can join the army, and it’s your honour to join the army and fight for your country. I totally support you! Don’t give up on your country and the people. Put good effort on your practices. Write back soon!

                                                                                                   Best wishes,