A mystery location


There is a mystery location in Carmel. Although it is very easy to guess, I want to share this happy place with you guys. It is because I really love this place so much.

You can do the sports you like here, such as playing basketball, running and even playing shot-put. You can see some sporty students running fast. The students who like sports usually play basketball here and the students who do not like sports chat nearby. Students love this place although precious treasures which are usually found by pirates or adventurers are not hidden here. You can only see six tall baskets.

When you walk into this place, you can hear some students who are playing basketball shouting loudly. “Three points!” “Clean shot.” ” What a miss!” The sounds are like the noise produced by bees flying around you. The students feel very excited and enjoy there, However, it is extremely quiet during lesson time.

Bad smell is always filled in the air during recess time. It mainly comes from students’ disgusting sweat. Some of the students try to ignore the smell and keep on playing but some go away immediately. Luckily, some trees are planted here to clear some of the stink. They are helpful.

Also, I am sorry to tell you that you can’t eat or drink here! The rule is to protect the environment. Therefore, students usually eat before playing ball games.

All in all, many students and I love this place. Can you guess what this place is from with helpful hints?