Reading response to “The Scent of the Gods”


Li Shin didn’t agree with it. He continued his job and fought for his own country. A few weeks later, there was a sudden war which took place in Malaya, with violent gunshots and bombs everywhere. Li Shin had to join the soldiers. Me and grandma stayed at home, not knowing whether we would be alive.

  Suddenly, an enemy soldier entered our home. We raised our hands and we had no idea what was going on. He pulled out a gun from his back and point at my face. Grandma stood in front of me and tried to protect me.


  That enemy soldier lay on the floor. He was dead because Li Shin was luckily nearby our home. But unluckily, Li Shin also shot grandma’s arm. She also lay down. Li Shin cried and carried grandma to the hospital. He was scared that he might take away grandma’s life.

  We waited outside the hospital and prayed for her. All of our relatives came. I told them what happened.

  “Why didn’t I quit the National Cadets? Why didn’t I follow the instructions from grandma?” Li Shin started to murmur. “It’s too late!”

  “It isn’t too late.” I told Li Shin. “You still have a chance to quit, you still have a chance to say sorry to grandma.”

  He looked at me with a hopeful expression. At the same time, the doctor came out and said, “She’s safe.” Li Shin rushed to grandma and said, “Sorry, grandma! I won’t join the National Cadets anymore. I will stay beside you forever!”

  He took off the Beret from his head and threw it onto the floor.