Reading response to “The Scent of the Gods”


After reading the Scent of the Gods, I found that everyone has something they hold dear.

When I was in ice-skating class, I was in class with my best friend Carrie. We had been in the same class for six years. She was my best friend forever. We told each other different stories and shared our feelings and thoughts. Carrie was a trouble maker. She always gets into trouble and I might have to clean up the mess. Although I’m used to it, that time she was really in a big trouble.

When I was resting on the corridor, I suddenly heard someone crying. I ran in the dressing room and saw some girls bullying a girl, and that girl was Carrie. “What’s the matter?! Are you a monster or a troublemaker?! You always get our class in trouble and have to clean up the mess for you, will you ever quit?!” One of the girls shouted loudly and was trying to punch Carrie.

“Stop it you guys!” I ran toward Carrie and stopped that girl. “If you guys do that again, I’m going to tell the teacher and you will be in a really big trouble!” They ran away. I asked Carrie whether she was fine or not, but she just continued crying. She murmured something and went away. I did not catch what she said.

The other day, I was late for class. When I arrived, I saw the teacher standing in front of the class, looking serious. I wonder what had happened, that’s when I found the girls who bullied Carrie were not at school. The teacher said seriously “I think you all know that those girls are absent today. They were attacked by a girl in this class. They were injured and sent to the hospital this morning.” I was shocked. Why were they injured? Who in the world attacked them? At that moment, I found that Carrie was looking at the ground all the time. I went toward her and asked, “You know something, didn’t you?” She started to cry and whispered to me, “I attacked them. I didn’t mean to hurt them, I just wanted them to know they were wrong.”

“Is there anything wrong, Carrie?” the teacher stood in front of us and saw Carrie crying. “Did you know anything, Carrie?” the teacher looked at her seriously, starting to suspect her. “I… I… I did…” “I did that.” I shouted out before Carrie said anything. “Why did you do that?” “They hurt my friend. This is unacceptable, so I wanted to teach them a lesson. Carrie was just shock about they were hurt, she did nothing. Also that’s the reason why I’m late for class. I’m sorry” I made up that ridiculous story to protect Carrie from being kicked out of the class, she loved ice-skating and I did not want her losing her dream.

At last I was kicked out of class and I never see her again. Carrie was my best friend and I wanted her to succeed. Her feelings and dream are the things I hold dear. If the incident happened again, I will do it in the same way. Friendship is the thing I hold dear most.