Reading response to “The Scent of the Gods”


Dear Shin,

  I have heard that you joined the National Cadets to protect your own country. However, your grandma didn’t want you to join and your relationship with her has broken. I encourage you to protect your country instead of obeying your grandma.

  Firstly, the relationship between you and your grandma has already broken up. It will be very difficult to reconcile. There is no point spending time thinking how to improve your relationship. You should rather spend time protecting your country.  

  Secondly, protecting your own country is more meaningful than obeying your grandma. If you protect Singapore, the citizens there can have freedom and independence. They can have a better future. Your grandma can have a better life then and she may regret dissuading you from leaving the National Cadets. But if you choose to obey grandma, your life may not change and your grandma may still blame you.

  Lastly, you will not regret in the future. You have already been joining the National Cadets for 3 years. If you choose to quit it now, you may regret for the whole life. Your wish since you were young was to protect your country and to fight for freedom. So don’t give up on your dream and keep fighting for your country. You may also regret for not obeying your grandma, but you still have time to choose to obey her after you have finished fighting for your country.

  I encouraged you to choose to protect your country. I hope you will take my advice. But of course, you should choose what you like by yourself.