Reading response to “The Scent of the Gods”


    Have you ever lied to protect something you hold dear, like your relationship with your parents, friendship or your country? Once, I lied to protect something I held dear, which was dignity.

    When I was a Form One student in Carmel Secondary School, I got satisfying results in the first term uniform test and exam. Then, I got the third place in the whole form and became very proud. I was lazy on studying before exams and tests and I told my dad that I could get good results without studying hard. However, my dad said I would never succeed without making effort but I didn’t listen to him.

    After that, my results on every subject declined especially on Mathematics. My dad asked me about my results but I felt extremely embarrassed on my confidence before my results were distributed. I was also embarrassed on how proud I was on my results.  I don’t want my parents to know how stupid I was. Therefore, I lied to my parents that I had got satisfying results. However, my parents knew my true results after the school report distribution day, and I was scolded by them.

    In this experience, I knew I should not lie to my parents, but I did so, because I did not listen to them in the first place and that made me feel embarrassed. I felt guilty after this experience. If this incident happened again, I would not lie because I did wrong in the first place of being lazy and proud. I should admit my wrongdoings so I should tell my true results to my parents instead of lying. I would never do such things ever again.