Reading response to “The Scent of the Gods”


After reading the part that Li Shin’s lie was exposed and Grandma knew it, somehow the story reminded me something similar to him and it is my lie to protect something I hold dear. I was trying to stop my classmates from doing things that are wrong by sacrificing myself.

  When I was in Primary 3, my classmates started to pick on a girl in our class. They said people should never defend her or else the person who did will also become their target. I was trying to stop them by asking them to do other things, but they didn’t listen. They drew on her table, made jokes on her and they threw paper towards her. That time I did provide some pieces to the bully just because I think it would be fun. Then the people sprinkled some shredded paper on her and made paper planes to attack her.

  One day our class teacher knew this and that morning was our “trial”. She shouted at us, “WHO DID THAT?” Everyone was silent in their seats including me. I wish I could tell the truth but I didn’t want anyone to be punished. I knew I also did wrong but my classmates also, was I supposed to report them when I report myself? My mind was ina mess and then I made up this decision.

“I started that and asked the others to join.” I stood up and announced to the class.

  Yes, I was wrong but it was not all my fault. If I told the truth, the bully’s hatred would be more than before, I hoped I could stop being wrong and also them. I was punished to clean the blackboard for months, but I didn’t really mind that, as long as the hatred was over.

  After the “trial”, the bully and the girl asked me why I did that. I answered them I want peace in class and no one should be scolded. It’s okay if it can fulfill my purpose. After that, there was no more bully in our class and some of the classmates even helped me to clean the blackboard. Most of all, the bully and the girl became friends. We become the peaceful and most harmonious class in Primary 3.

  You may ask me I would do it if something like that happened, I will not. I shall not always face people’s problem. But that time I didn’t care about that because I could make our class good. My classmates are the things I hold dear and I want them to give up on their wrongdoings, I lied without regret.

Sometimes a lie can make things better, just depends on how people lie on different situations. If the lie can help people, it’s worth burying the truth.