A letter to my class


Dear Class,

Is everybody doing good?

It was my luck to join 2D. The people here are nice (i.e. they answer questions about homework either at school or on WhatsApp), the teachers are too. The class is peaceful, yet lively. People accept each other, and there is almost no bullying. This is the most harmonious class I have seen.

I thank you all for accommodating my forgetful and impulsive personality and would listen to my ideas and opinions and supporting me on my schoolwork. For example, my neighbour would answer my questions in class. Without you guys, I would have even worse academic results. You people are truly great.

Sometimes though, might I say, the class is pretty passive. Only a few people are able to take action out of their own initiatives. Others will follow. If the few people did not take action or the few people were not well recognized in the class, the whole class would do nothing. For example, the time when we were going to have the assembly in the Hall, our class went to Hall 2 because the few people that suggested going to the Hall were not well recognized in this class. This may seem like a small problem, but it could still cause catastrophic results in future.

Wish you have a nice Christmas holiday and work hard!