A letter to my class


Dear Class 2D,

            Time flies, we have been in Class 2D for more than three months.  As I remembered at the beginning of the school year, we didn’t know each other nor talk to others.  But now, I am glad that I am in class 2D.

            I think Class 2D is an active and supportive class.  We actively participate in different kinds of the activities such as the Inter-Class Basketball Competition and “Kahoot” game.  In October we joined the Inter-Class Basketball Competition.  Although none of us join the school basketball team, we voluntarily and actively participated in the competition.  The team members of our class practised every Saturdays and thought of tactics to beat other classes.  The rest of our class standing at the side of the basketball court “cheered up” and shouted “add oil” to the team members.  At last, we did not win the competition but we enjoyed playing together and became good friends.

Classmates in 2D are corporative, helpful and friendly.  In November our class joined the “Kahoot” game during the long assembly. At first, we got the lowest marks among other classes.  However, we divided our class in different teams and assigned work for each team such as Team 1 checking the questions on the screen, Team 2 deciding the correct answers and the final team input the answered in the iPad.  At last, we got the second price among the twelve classes.  We felt happy about this event.

            Sometimes, teachers commented class 2D are very talkative during lessons.  I agreed with their comments.  I suggest our classmates should listen to, pay attention to and respect our teachers and we should talk to each other during recess and after school.  In addition, some of our classmates do not hand in their homework on time. This will make the teachers very angry.   I suggest our classmates should make a note for handing in their homework so that they would not forget to submit it on time and also they should do their homework properly.

            I am glad that I am in class 2D.  I hope that in the coming year, we can help each other and stay happily together.

Best wishes,