A letter to my class


Dear 2D,

   Time really goes by very fast. We have already been in the same class for a few months. Throughout these few months I have taken the chance to get to know you all better. I think that our class is quite special, and we have quite a special environment created by 2D in the classroom. We have people in our class who aim to achieve greatness in their lives, while some just aspire life to be less competitive.

   I think that our class has made a huge amount of improvement over the past few weeks. Before, our class was very noisy and being disruptive during class. But after some teachers have given us comments on improvements, some problems that we had and how we all improve on our attitudes towards learning, I think that we are finally back on track.

      Throughout these few months, I have also had the opportunity to understand some goals of our fellow classmates. A girl said that she wants to be a doctor. Another girl said that she wants to be a kindergarten teacher. A boy also said that he wants to be a historian. One that I found most interesting was that a classmate said that he didn’t know what he wanted to do with their life, and that he was going to continue to play video games for the time being. I don’t understand why a person can have absolutely no goals in life. why do we let video games take full control of our time and life?

     I wonder if they would have the determination to fight for what they love doing, so that they would enjoy every day of their life, and it wouldn’t be a drag for them. Instead, they would be able to enjoy life. I wonder if I would be seeing that girl as my doctor, or if I would enroll my children into that girl’s kindergarten, or if my classmates would be in the stands watching me play tennis.

I hope that everyone would continue to work hard and enjoy this school year, because we would only be in the same class once while we are in Carmel.

                                                                                            Yours,                                                                                                 Chris