A letter to my class


Dear 2C,

  How are you? Are you being tortured by homework and revision? It is December now. I hope all of you will work hard and do well in the First Exam in the coming month.

  After being with all of you for about three months, I am really glad to know all of you and I am also grateful to be one of the classmates in my class. I have many irreplaceable memories with you. For example, I had a great time with all of you on the School Picnic Day. We played many games together and I kept laughing when I was playing with you. I also played interesting card games with some classmates and I knew different kinds of card games that I had never played before. I like to work with you too. We cooperated well and finished different group project. I really like all of you!

  There are some aspects that I really appreciate 2C. First, I appreciate the passion of working together in my class. Although we are playful, we are used to work hard together as a class, no matter what kinds of difficult tasks are . Therefore, I really appreciate the passionate spirit of our class in both working and playing, as this is very important for a community like a class. Second, I also appreciate the fact that we always spontaneously help classmates who need help in our class. We help each other if we have any problems. This can enhance the atmosphere of the class. Therefore, keep going, and keep improving.

  However, I also hope we will remedy some flaw. Firstly, I think we can be less playful. Many teachers actually complain many times that we are too annoying and not devote enough attention to lessons. I think we can simply talk less and pay more attention in lesson. After lessons, play hard in breaks and recesses. This may help us to learn more in lessons and improve our academic results, but we can still play hard afterwards. Therefore, let us work hard together, and improve together.

Lastly, I hope we will have great experiences and memories in the coming year. I am really looking forward to seeing what we will be after a year. Remember that God is always with all of you. I wholeheartedly hope that our physical, mental and spiritual health will grow healthy and sound.

                                                                                                          Best wishes,