A letter to my class


Dear classmates,

      I have been with you all for more than three months and I like you guys so much. I think this class is so different from my previous class in Form 1 and I have a lot to write.

     First, I would like to talk about my feelings about our class. In my previous class, most of my classmates are diligent and obedient. In this class, I think maybe half of us are so energetic, active, or maybe crazy. In the recess time, this half of us always plays crazily. Maybe you guys are not as hard-working as my previous classmates, but I love our close friendship and unity. On the other hand, I think the other half of us is quite quiet. This half of us is usually doing homework in the recess time. I love your cautiousness and your conscientious learning attitude too.

       But the most importantly, I appreciate that our class, both the crazy and the quiet classmates accept the other who have the opposite characteristics with you. I think this is a wonderful thing. Although we are different, we can still get on with one another and I appreciate this so much.

     Then I am going to write for some suggestions for improvement in our class. Being a subject leader for about 4 months, I have found that quite a number of us are not handing in homework punctually. This makes the workload of subject leaders and teachers heavier. I think we should all hand in homework punctually and this is the responsibility of every student too.

       Lastly, I would like to write some heartfelt messages to all of you. I like you guys so much. This class has left me a lot of   wonderful memories, including the picnic day, the Inter-Class Basketball Competition, and a lot of funny things during lessons… I wish that there are more and more good memories and we could last our close relationship in the remaining life too. By the way, the exam is coming and let’s try our best! When you are tired, just think of your classmates faces and you may have more motivation to study. Let’s work hard together!