A letter to my class


Dear 2D,

  We have been classmates for more than three months already. I really love this class as there are friendly classmates and good teachers.

  I think this class is a warm class .Each student cares about one another. When we do not understand what the teachers have taught us, we will teach one another at the recess or afterschool. We don’t mind using their break time to help one another. Also, we remind one another what to do. For example, we reminded the class what homework should be handed in on the next day. We always help and care for one another.

  I think that our class has a strong team spirit.  We do something together although that might not be a good thing. However, we have team spirit so whether they are good or bad, we do that together, just like the competition in the assembly few weeks ago. We shouted the answer out to the classmate who was answering the question. At last, we won the competition. Through this competition, we knew that if we work hard together, we can finish it easier.

  However, I think we can still have some improvements on learning. Firstly, I think we are not attentive enough during the class. Sometimes when the teacher is teaching, some of us talk with their neighbors. This will affect other students from learning. So we should keep quiet during the lesson unless the teacher let us discuss. Secondly, we sometimes do our homework at school on the due date. We should do our homework at home not at school. If we do it in a hurry, the quality of the work won’t be good.

  Although we have only been in the same class for three to four months, we have been closer and closer. We have good and bad memories. I hope we will be happier in the coming days.

  That’s what I want to tell you. I hope we can improve our learning attitude.