A letter to my class


Dear 2D,

It has been 3 months with you guys, isn’t it? I wrote this letter because you people were awesome and we are no longer only classmates, but friends. In this short 3 months. We did a lot of great things. Let’s do a rewind to review the good memories in this short period of time.

When I know I was assigned to 2D and most of the people were unfamiliar to me, I was worried, for being the odd one. But then you were all kind and treated me good, the worries and unfamiliarity were gone and we became closer and closer. The thing is, we are united in this class. No matter what, we help and care for each other. To me, this class is warm-hearted. You guys encouraged me and made me smile. It’s a precious time to get along with all of you.

I won’t forget the times that we played together. I still remember in the BBQ Day, we played crazily and we almost forgot to leave. We were still full of energy even it’s night. Also on these school days, we had fun and our classroom is full of happiness. Whenever we walked over the “Room 315”, we know this is the place with cheers. This is what I appreciated that you guys made a difference in these boring days.

But recently we had some problems in our class. Our attitude during classes are probably need to improve. In fact, we shall behave and do better than we were from now on, or else we will lose the happiness in this class because of teachers’ disappointment. I know we are getting better and better now, still we can’t stop that quick. We should keep on and bring back our good side.

Lastly, it was great to meet you guys. You cheered me up and I’ve learnt from the unity of this class. I know we still had a long time together. But I can’t wait to tell you how I felt in this class. You gave me a great time. I won’t forget the happy times, the trouble we got into. There’s nothing that we can’t defeat or get over. I hope that later on, we can keep this mood and we know 2D is always the best.

                                                                Best wishes,