A letter to my class


Hello classmates,

How are you guys doing? Time flies, we have already been classmates for three whole months. I have so many feelings to express and words to say about you guys in this letter.

Remember the days in September, we were not close to each other. The whole class was extremely quiet, and nobody seemed to be hanging out with new classmates at the recess time. In that period, I felt so bored and stuffy when I was learning in this class. However, things changed. We all become friends as we often chat with each other. Now, it makes me feel excited and uplifted when I get into this classroom in the morning, thinking what interesting things would happen in the class on that day.

Other than that, I also appreciate this class a lot. Firstly, you guys are really supportive. Even when we face difficulties, you guys would still be hopeful, and always tell me “Things will be fine”. Also, you guys are helpful. When I meet any difficulties, you guys would help me immediately and solve the problems together. That’s why I love and appreciate this class a lot.

Nevertheless, I think this class still has something to improve. I think we should be more hard-working, so that we can all get better result in tests and exams. Moreover, I think we should be more attentive during lessons, as we sometimes chit chat with others without listening to teacher’s instructions and teaching.

Last but not least, I want to say a few more words to you guys. You guys are truly my school life’s treasure. You guys are always there to guide and support each other, to share our laughs and tears. Your presence reminds me that I’m never alone. Thank you!

I’ve got to go now. Write soon!

Best regards,