Should smokers who become parents be forced to quit smoking?


Everyone knows that smoking is not good for health. But have you ever realized that smoking can affect the next generations in a bad way? They may suffer from respiratory problems, and in fact that may affect their psychological growth and even their view towards the world. I strongly recommend those who are still smoking after being a parent to quit smoking, not only for their own health, but for their kids also.

First, parents’ smoking will lead to child’s health problems. Smoking produce second-hand smoke which is much more harmful than first-hand smoke. Sometimes it is hard for parents to avoid smoking in front of kids, and at that time, kids will breathe in second-hand smoke which may cause to serious respiratory problems. A research found that if the parents of children who have respiratory problems can quit smoking, the number of children having respiratory problems going to hospital will decrease for about 25 percent. It shows that parents who smoke is one of the major reasons nowadays why it is easy for children to have respiratory problems. Besides second-hand smoke, third-hand smoke may affect kids more seriously. Third-hand smoke will be left on the smoker’s clothes which is the easiest way for the kids to get in touch with. Chemicals in Third-hand smoke is detrimental to child’s health than second-hand smoke.

Second, parent smoking may also make bad influence mentally when child are growing up. Kids who breathe in second-hand smoke are prone to be aggressive and antisocial when they grow up. Psychological growth is very important to every children and it’s also an important part that parents should pay attention. Sociality is very important to everyone of us as we can’t live without friends. That’s why social ability is very important to kids. We need to help kids build up good communication skills with people as to help him in daily life or job in the future. Therefore, I think that parents should really quit smoking.

Last but not least, parents smoking will affect children’s study. Research shows that kids who breath in second-hand smoke 5-7 days a week at home is 28 percent worse than those who doesn’t breathe in any. We can see that parents smoking will even lead to academic problems, which is also a main concern to nowadays parents, teachers and even whole society. Concluding the above arguments, I strongly against smoker parents continue smoking in front of their own child, so as to let their kids grow in a healthy and safely way. I also recommend those parents who are still smoking now quit smoking immediately to avoid bringing more damage to their own children.