An agony aunt reply


Dear Caroline

Thank you for writing a letter to me and your trust in me. I fully understand your situation and feel sorry about the decision of your parents, because when I was young, my school report was also not good, and I must study more instead of playing with other children. I am writing to you to give you some advice to face this problem.

Firstly, you can try to talk to your parents and let them to know what you are really thinking about. The communication between you and your parents is important because they don’t understand you well if you say nothing to them. My suggestion is workable. As I mentioned, when I was young, I got bad results, but I wanted to play with my best friend. I told my parents sincerely what I am thinking about and promised them I would be back home on time and did all my homework quickly. That time, I did my promise. You may ask your parents to give you a chance. But you should keep all your promise, then they may trust you next time.

Secondly, you can try to find out why you can’t get a good result in the exam and improve it. It is difficult for you to learn new things if you get bad results in the exam continuously. I guess, if you were not attentive when you are doing homework or doing revision, you may ask your classmates or discuss with your parents if they have any better study ways which are more situatable for you, for example, the better way to write an article or ask them to suggest some famous books for you to read. These ways may help you to get a better result in the exam. Try to work on my suggestion and it will help you.

Thirdly, I suggest you not be too impulsive. If you are too impulsive, you won’t listen to others and you won’t understand why they are doing it. You should calm down yourself first and think what ways you can solve the problem instead of lost your temper. For me, I will count ‘I23…’ or take a deep breath before I speak up again. It is the most workable advice in this three. You will solve the problem in the right way if you have calm down yourself. Just do it!

In conclusion, to communicate more with your parents, improve your study ways and not to be impulsive. I hope the relationship of you and your parents will be better and your exam results will be better!

Best wishes