An agony aunt reply


Dear Caroline,

 Recently, you wrote me a letter and told me that you had an argument between you and your parents. Firstly, I want to thank you for trusting me that I can solve your problem. I promise I will try my best to help you. I have understood your situation and I am going to give you some advice down below.

  First, I think you should try to talk with your parents. I understand that sometimes parents are really hard to talk to since they always decide everything for you in their own way. But anyway, I think it’s worth a try since when you listen to each other, they get to know your feelings and thoughts and there will be a big chance for them to understand you. You might also know why they changed their minds. You can try to tell them that a promise is a promise, as parents, they should fulfill their commitment. Trust me, it really works!

  Second, you can also discuss with your parents how can you improve your grades. I know that you have worked very hard already but your parents are not satisfied with the results. You need to let your parents know that the results don’t matter, only if you tried your best. Try make them change their minds by telling them the result will not change even though they punish you, the important thing is to find out the problem and a solution to fix it. In that way, I think everybody will be happy.

  In conclusion, it is very important to communicate with others since you can understand each other further. I hope that my advices can help you to get along with your parents happily with less arguments. I hope that your family can return to harmony soon!

                                                           Best wishes,