An agony aunt reply


Dear Caroline,

Hello Caroline! First of all, thank you for writing to me and your trust in me. I saw your problems and I want to give you some advice. I hope they can help you solve the relationship problems between you and your parents.

First, you thought it was unfair that your parents didn’t let you go to the party so you ran away from home without talking to your parents. I suggest that you may just sit down and talk to them, to share your thoughts, feelings and apologize with them. Teenagers usually think that their parents don’t understand them and usually scold them. Then why don’t we try to let our parents know and understand our feelings? Also, you should try to listen and show understanding and respect to your parents’ thoughts. After talking, you and your parent can know each other more.

Second, you said your parents didn’t allow you to go to the party because of your bad result. In fact, you have to know that school results are important for your future. So it is reasonable that your parents caring so much about your results. I think you can try to compromise with your parents. you have to work hard and get good results in exams if you want chances to hang out with friends. So that your parents will think that you have grown up and don’t need to worry about your learning results anymore.

Remember to be polite and respectful and to show love to your parents because they love you so much. You can write to me to share or ask for help after you have tried my suggestions.  Lastly, I hope you do learn something after this incident and can fix the relationship between you and your parents because family is always your biggest support.

Best wishes,
Miss Sunny