The Magical Soup


It was a stormy night. The wind was howling loudly and. The rain was pouring. Someone was knocking on the door. I was a Form 1 student, lying on my bed and trying to sleep. It was probably my brother knocking on my door. When I opened my door, I was shocked. A dwarf was outside. He was dressed in blue and wearing a red triangle-shaped hat. He had a pointed nose which made him look weird.

He introduced himself, “Hello, I’m Johnny! I come from the Sad Village!” He was a joyful and positive dwarf. I wondered why he came from a sad place. Then, he continued, “I need help! All the dwarfs in my village are always feeling upset. I tried to cheer them up with my jokes, but they ignored me. I am thinking of a way to save my village. Can you help me?”

I thought for a while and answered, “Ok…” He jumped up and down excitedly and shouted, “Thank you very much!” Then he told me his story, “I’ve read a book about our village. It says a magical soup can help our village. I’ve tried so many ingredients but the soup didn’t work.” I thought for a while, “What if all the villagers worked together to make a soup? Maybe there would be happiness.” So I told Johnny to take me to his village.

I arrived at the village. It was beautiful. There were a long clear river and many colourful flowers surrounding the village. “Everyone, I need some help! My mother was sick and a magical soup can cure her. But I don’t have any ingredients. Any ingredients are good for making the soup.” I lied. There was silence, nobody answered.

After a while, a little dwarf was brave, he spoke quietly, “Here, I have some carrots.” He handed me the carrots. I yelled, “Can anybody help?” Then more and more people helped, “I have tomatoes!” “I have potatoes!” They even made up a song themselves. They started singing, “We have carrots! We have mushrooms! Stay tune, you can taste the soup soon!” They were having fun, I could even hear laughter.

With all the teamwork, I took out a large pot and put all the ingredients there. I shouted, “Everybody, now it’s time to mix the ingredients! Thank you for all your help! Now let’s see whether the soup worked, I hope it will cure my mother!” I added hot water, I mixed and stirred. The work was done! Everybody surrounded the soup excitedly. I took out a spoon and tasted it. I exclaimed, “It worked!”

Everyone yelled, “Yeah! It worked!” They sang and danced. They were having a party. They shared the soup together. The little dwarfs were playing basketball together near the river. It was full of joy in the village. Johnny came to me and shouted, “Thank you! I have never seen the villagers so happy!”

I responded, “No problem! Bringing happiness is good!”

This tells me that working together can bring us happiness. If we always do our own work, we never help, share and care, we will feel very lonely and negative. We should always help each other no matter what. Happiness is indeed very important in our life.