The Mystery of the Aliens


It was a stormy night. The wind was howling loudly and the rain was pouring. Someone was knocking on the door. I thought that it was just the wind, so I ignored it and continued watching TV lazily on my relaxing sofa.

Soon, someone knocked again. This time, I became a lot more cautious. ‘Why would anyone know my address?’ I thought. I was a spy. Yes, I was a spy who worked for the secret agency ‘ROCKET’. I walked to the door. Before I could reach it, it was knocked over by somebody. They were very ugly creatures.

‘Who are you?’ I screamed fearfully. ‘What do you want?’ Before they answered, I jumped out of the window and escaped. The next day, I discussed with my friends this incident. Many of them were shocked while Bobby said that I was just dreaming. Jack was extremely excited because I found some aliens while John was worried about the aliens invading the earth.

Later, my best friend Alex called me and told me that he discovered something about the ‘aliens’. He said he spotted the alien’s spaceship and thought that they were dangerous. I looked at its photos, and thought that they were suspicious too. Their technology was far more advanced than ours. They could conquer us with ease!

Two days later, there was ground-breaking news. A building suddenly collapsed for an unknown reason. On television was a video of the whole process of the accident. I kept replaying it and tried to find its cause. I noticed a UFO in the sky. It looked like a blue flying disc. I called all the spies in my team to a meeting and we discussed this amazing discovery. We kept arguing about where this thing came from and finally concluded that the ‘disc’ was the alien’s spaceship.

After the meeting, I went home, and as I opened the door, I found something strange. It was something black, and looked like a machine and it had a monitor which displayed ‘0045’ on it. It was a bomb! Yes, it was a bomb and a nuclear one, as I discovered later. I had to defuse it within 45 minutes! I was very frightened, but I tried to keep calm. Luckily, Ned, my assistant was with me so we could solve the problem together.

A few moments later, I realized that this was a childish thought and we could barely do anything to make things better. We still tried our best though. We were determined to defuse the bomb. I prayed to god and asked him to protect the people who lived nearby.

There were only ten minutes left and I was working on a very important part. That was when someone opened the door and came in. I was so nervous that I took out my pistol and shot at it without thinking. One of them fell down and probably died. When I realized that I had killed someone, I was shocked and frightened. I dropped my gun and ran in fear.

I was stopped by two robots! I wanted to shoot at them but I had already dropped my gun. I used my knife to defend myself. The robots tried to kill me. Then, we heard a gunshot. It distracted the robots. I immediately seized this chance and stabbed one of the robots. All its circuits were broken. The other one stopped attacking us and escaped.

I couldn’t help wondering, ‘Who helped me by firing that gun?’ I went home and surprisingly, the bomb did not explode and was gone. Soon, everything was back to normal. A few days later, I received a letter. It wrote,

Dear Spies,

I guess you have met the robots and found out that they wanted to conquer the earth. We’ve had this experience on our planet before. Therefore, we decided to help your planet.

Yours faithfully,

Civilisation from Mars