A Magical Night


It was a stormy night. The wind was howling loudly and the rain was pouring. Someone was knocking on the door. I jumped down from the sofa and opened the door.

I was a home-alone child. My parents had to go to work until midnight every day. I didn’t have a brother or sister or a maid, so I had trained myself to do everything since I was 6. 

“Tonight is special. This is a different night. All the magical things will happen!” Suddenly a lady was standing in front of me, “Oh, little lady, do you mind letting me go in your sweet home?” The woman went in after she said something strange. She was an old lady, with a tall hat, long and brown hair and a long magic wand. She just looked like a witch! She was finding something in the kitchen in my house. She finally found a pot and cast magic spells to make the pot larger and larger. “What are you doing?” I screamed. But she didn’t answer me. She was making some sticky potion in MY pot, and she started talking to herself in some special words. Suddenly, the fireplace in my home made some sound, “What’s going on for the Floo Powder?!” A boy’s voice appeared from the fireplace.

“Ouch!” A boy popped out from the fireplace. He’s got messy hair and a flash-like scar… it’s Harry Potter! He was my favourite storybook character! He came up to me and explained, “Sorry muggle, I didn’t want to disturb you actually, but can you lend me a broom? I need to fly back to Hogwarts? Um……that’s my school.”

Oh My Godness!! What was happening in my house? He took my broom immediately without my permission and went to the garden. He sat on it and flew up.

“Knock, knock!” Another person was knocking on my door. “Ah…” I sighed.

“Trick or Treat!” A silly little boy who dressed up like in the Halloween yelled with a mysterious voice. I didn’t recognize him even though I knew all of the children in my village, so I decided not to let him go in my home. But he rushed in and asked for some sweets, “Do you have mint flavour chocolate, jelly beans or even some gummies?” he asked.

“Um……in the third box of the fourth cabinet in the refrigerator in the kitchen.” I replied. “All the snacks and sweets are in the fourth cabinet, so don’t ask me anymore, I need to rest…” But he put all the sweet treats onto the floor and made them messy. At the same time, the witch was still making the potion and spilled it everywhere! And Harry Potter made the furniture and plants in the garden move and fly! WHAT A BIG MESS!!

“Ding-dong.” My parents came back. “Oh! Honey, why did you make the place so messy? What on earth have you done?” My mom was infuriated and grumbled. My dad sighed.

“It was them! Not…” I turned over and tried to point at those strange people. Oh! They vanished!!

There’s a note on my bed. It said they were magic angels who were sent to stay with me — a home-alone and lonely child. Astonished and puzzled, I went to bed, hoping everything would be fine tomorrow morning and they would use their magic to clean up the mess in the house.