The Incredible Spy X


It was a stormy night. The wind was howling loudly and the rain was pouring. Someone was knocking on the door. I walked towards the door and opened it. In front of me was a man, a tall man and his face was a bit scary. Then, I looked closer. No, that was not just a man, he was my target, my assassination target! Oh, I forgot to introduce myself, I was a spy, a secret spy. My duty was to kill the person that my boss told me. That’s why someone will call us an assassin, agent or killer.

Until now, I couldn’t forget that night. It was a Christmas Eve. Everyone was very excited, celebrating Christmas, except me. I was preparing the tools to kill my target. The man appeared at the door shocked me, but because I was a professional spy, I calmed down quickly. Of course, I knew this wasn’t an easy mission, because my target was the best spy in the world.

He asked, “May I come in?” Before I could say a word, he walked into my apartment and asked me, “Were you shocked just now, couldn’t believe your target would come to visit you, ha?”

“Of course!” I exclaimed. “Oh sorry! I just wanna see the spy that is going to kill me.” He replied. After a good pause of 2 minutes, he said, “Listen to me, you’ll regret if you kill me. I’m sure you will regret forever!”

“So this is the reason you came to visit me? That’s ridiculous! Do you think that I’ll really regret? Just shut your mouth up and let me kill you. Then, my mission is done.”

“Oh, so the mission looks that easy in your mind? Let’s see.”

All of a sudden, he left my hidden place without a goodbye. But actually, he left me a letter. I opened this mysterious letter, it said, “Spy X, I want to tell you, this mission is not as easy as you think. If you think when you kill me and your mission will be done, then I could just tell you that you are too naive.” I didn’t understand! What did he mean? I looked at his information that my boss gave me. It said my target was the best spy in the world, but his mission failed, and he knew too many things, so I needed to kill him. But why did the best spy’s mission fail? He was the best spy! How would he fail? Was there a secret? With many different and complicated questions, I left my hidden place with a gun and a tracker and was ready to kill the target. Actually, things weren’t that complicated now. I secretly left a tracker on my target’s clothes when he came. My tracker showed that I just needed to walk a few steps more and I could reach the target. I walked carefully and quietly.

“Bang!” Someone hit me, it hurt a lot. Before I could see who it was, I fell down and fainted. When I woke up, my head was aching heavily. I slowly opened my eyes and saw many eyes staring at me. No, they were not adults, they were a group of small children. I was astonished.

“Where am I?” I asked loudly. I saw my target , smiling and walking towards me, which made me a bit scared.

“This is a place to hide the orphans.” He continued, “Half a year ago, I received a mission– to kill all these orphans of my boss’ enemy. But when I arrived here, I was totally overwhelmed by these children’s smile. I just could not kill them and this was the reason why my mission failed.” He handed me a gun, “You can kill me now, then your mission will be completed, but please promise me, don’t try to hurt these orphans as they’re very poor already. Even though it is Christmas Eve, they don’t have enough food to eat. Remember to take care of them for me.”

I raised my arm, and pointed it at my target. “Bang!” I shot my gun. I was angry and afraid. But I didn’t want to kill this spy anymore. I shot at the sky. My mission failed, yet I didn’t regret or feel sad. I started looking at the children. I was totally touched by the simple and naive smile from the children. I finally understood the feeling of my target, which was very difficult to explain. The children were so lovely.

I called my boss, my “second father”, noticing him my mission failed. After a silent moment, my boss started laughing … or crying? He spoke, “Hey X, I know you well. I’ve started taking care of you since you were two. You were an orphan too! I was also impressed by your lovely face, and now… You should run away, run as far as possible. My boss will send people to kill you very soon. X, I wish you have a joyful and meaningful life without regrets. And Merry Christmas, X. Goodbye.”

I cried.

I thought he cried too. I finally understood that justice is very important. If we don’t uphold justice, our conscience will blame us. “So, X, where do you want to go?” My target asked. “Anywhere you want.” I replied with a smile. “Then,” my target said,” we will set off now!”

From then on, I went to all the countries I had never been before. Although it was tiring and tough, I thought it was worth it. I had never changed my idea and blamed myself for rescuing these children. I did not change my mind in the past and I wouldn’t forever!