A Lesson on Housework


It was a stormy night. The wind was howling loudly and the rain was pouring. Someone was knocking on the door. I was sleeping and woke up because of this. I was lazy to get up so I ignored it and pretended nothing happened.

Suddenly, I heard someone opening the door and walking closer and closer… I slowly opened my eyes. That person was a witch. She came to my room and cast a magic spell on me, “Blablablablablabla…” I was shocked and fainted.

The next day, I heard a girl’s voice, “Wake up!” I discovered that was my voice. I jumped onto the floor and looked at myself from the mirror. I saw Mum but not me in the mirror!!

“Whaaaaa!” I screamed. Iran into the living room and found “me”! Then “I” ran to me. I thought that was my mum. Did I exchange the body with her? That day was Monday, a school day. Therefore, I told Mum to go to school immediately. When she left, I needed to do housework. I went to wash the dishes. Since I seldom did any washing, I broke half of the dishes and bowls. Next, I wanted to water the plants but I spilled all the water so I had to dry the floor. However, I could not find the mop.

Suddenly, I saw a cockroach walking towards me. I was very afraid of such ugly creatures. “Yuck!” I shouted.

“Please calm down…” I heard a voice from the cockroach. I was scared so I stepped on it. The cockroach changed into a woman and explained, “Sorry, I am now learning magic but there are always errors in my magic, just like what I did to you and your mom last night. I will try my best to make everything become normal again.”

After she said the last word, there was an explosion in the living room. I did not know whether this was also an error or not. At last, MUM came back and I was ME again. I gave her a big hug and apologized to her for what I did. I promised that I would help her to do housework from then on.

The next day I went to school as usual. When I returned home, I saw Mum sitting on the sofa and a strange smile appeared on her face. “Don’t forget what you promised. I need to relax and take a rest now, don’t disturb me.” I was speechless and started doing the chores.