A Surprising and Horrendous Night


It was a stormy night. The wind was howling loudly and the rain was pouring. Someone was knocking on the door. I went out from my house to see who was looking for me at midnight. No one was behind the door. I decided to find out who he was. But nobody was outside my home or on the street. It was exceptionally strange.

I was a ghost buster before. I lived in the U.K. All the people in the town knew me. As I was too old, I believed that it was the time for me to retire. I was not energetic anymore. However, I started to lose my ability of ghost-busting. I even did not remember some of the techniques. Most of the teenagers wanted to be professionals nowadays. None of them was willing to be ghost busters. I was miserable.

After I went back home, I could hear some sound. Somebody knocked on the door again. An elegant lady was there. She pleaded, ‘I’m Daisy. I am keen on ghosts and evil spirits. I know you’re adept at ghost-busting. I want to learn some advanced ghost-busting skills.’

At first, I rejected her. I did not think that ghost-busting was suitable for her. But later, I kept receiving lots of letters of her plea. So, I taught her some of the fundamental skills.

A few days later, I heard a sound of knocking on the door. I thought it was Daisy and opened the door. An invisible ghost came into my house. ‘Oh no! A ghost came! Help!’ I screamed, as loudly as I could. But none of the people in the town knew the techniques of ghost-busting.

Unfortunately, my body was controlled by the ghost. Could you believe that spirit possession would happen to a ghost buster? I felt a bit dizzy. So, I called Daisy, ‘Now, you have a great opportunity. A demon is now just behind the door of my house. Waiting for your performance!’ All of a sudden, I heard a familiar voice. It was Daisy! She poured some mysterious solution into my mouth. The ghost came out from my body. Daisy exclaimed, ‘This is just a temporary solution! Leave here right away!’ But the ghost controlled my body again.

She suddenly came up with an idea and fetched a bucket from my kitchen. It was full of ice. She added in some disgusting saliva and solution, then mixed them well. She poured the mixture on my body.

This idea worked! The ghost thought it was smelly and disgusting, so he came out from my body straight away. Daisy helped clean my house and took care of me for the whole night.

All of a sudden, some smoke appeared. Daisy became an old woman, just like me. Oh! She was my bosom buddy before. She migrated to the U.S.A. after our graduation at the ghost-busting school. She learnt magic after learning ghost-busting. She came to London to find me. She wanted to see whether my techniques had improved or not. Miraculously, she used her magic to save me. Actually, the ghost was my ‘customer’ before. He found me as he wanted to play tricks on me on my birthday.

‘Happy birthday to you!’ A group of elderly people yelled. They came out from a wardrobe in my house, holding a birthday cake. They were once my classmates. We learnt ghost-busting together. I was touched. They came to find me because of missing me and hoped to give me a surprise. In the previous 30 years, no one celebrated my birthday. My tears kept running out from my eyes. What an unforgettable birthday!