It’s time to stay fit and healthy


    Healthy living is one of the major concerns in our school, thus the school has been promoting healthy living since last year. According to the survey conducted last month, over sixty percentage of our students play sports for more than two times a week and that’s a great sign to see. Therefore, the Sports Association has proposed several events to promote healthy living this year and I can’t wait to experience them all.

    Firstly, the Sports Association suggests some sport competitions to be held so as to develop students’ sense of team spirit. By holding team sport competitions such as soccer and basketball which require teamwork among players, participants can realize the importance of team spirit. For instance, effective communication between football players is a prerequisite for scoring a goal. Players have to be acquainted with the cooperation skills such as waving hands, shouting out instructions and clapping hands for pointing directions in order to perform well during the match. Besides teamwork, students can comprehend the significance of sportsmanship. For each competition, students get the opportunity to respect the other team of players no matter they are getting medals or not. In addition, they should have a profound understanding that gaining victory is not always the first priority to focus on and instead, the more crucial thing is to enjoy taking part in the match. Therefore, students would be willing to join the competitions actively in the future as they deeply believe that results are nothing compared to the process.

    Secondly, gaming booths themed on sports are another appealing idea since students are offered chances for experiencing different kinds of sports personally. It is expected that the booths would include various less common sports like archery, dodgebee and skateboarding. All these events are fascinating and attractive as students seldom have the chances to partake in them. For example, students could learn how to skateboard by practising the professional movements and understanding the structure of the skateboard. Once they succeed in skateboarding, most likely their passion for playing sports would be aroused. As they are more eager to try new sports, they would leave their sedentary lifestyle and be more active and energetic than before.

    It is hoped that students would cultivate more interests in playing sports after participating in those events mentioned above. Still, students have to adhere to exercising in order to keep doctors away. Relying on school’s activities only is far away from achieving our goals, therefore, more actions should be taken so as to make bigger steps.

    Students are encouraged to join a sport team. By practicing in a sport team on a regular basis, students are given more opportunities to build up their bodies and strengthen their muscles. The volleyball team is quite famous in our school and that can be a desirable choice for students to pick up a healthy hobby. Once they become a member of the team, they are required to enhance their skills and to train three times a week. During the training, members have to perform squatting, jogging and core training. All these workout help boost their lung volume and their metabolic rate, which are beneficial to their health. Therefore, students are welcome to choose one fond sport team and embrace a brand new healthy life.

     Apart from joining a sport team, having a balanced diet is also crucial and advantageous. Nowadays more and more students are having junk food such as fries, soda drinks and hotdogs for lunch. As we already know, these food items contain much fat, sugar and carbohydrates which exacerbate the risk of obesity and chronic diseases. Hence, a healthy, balanced diet is definitely indispensable to good health. As the saying goes, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” For each meal, make it a must to have more fruit and vegetables that provide a lot of essential nutrients for our body development. For instance, absorbing adequate vitamin C helps enhance our immune system to fight against germs. Moreover, it helps expedite the recovery of our connective tissues such as gum. There are way more benefits that can be gained through having a balanced diet. Just bear in mind that the calories saved by eating a bowl of vegetables instead of a cheese hamburger is tantamount to the calories burnt by running for over an hour. Therefore, keeping a balanced diet can be a relatively easier way than working out to stay fit and healthy.    

     In a nutshell, leading a healthy life isn’t as difficult as we think. Students are encouraged to participate in the events organized by the Sports Association, to join a sport team, and to keep a balanced diet. If you follow the advice above, you will soon be as fit as a fiddle. Just keep going and moving. Nothing is impossible.