Meat-free Mondays


Dear Fellow Students,

The Student Union is organizing a campaign called Meat-free Mondays next month.  Probably you may ask why we have to launch such a campaign.  I am going to tell you the reasons why the campaign is launched.

As society is promoting the importance of the protection of the environment and the world is suffering from the extensive emission of greenhouse gases, which leads to global warming, how can we help cope with the problem?  During the production of meat, many greenhouse gases like methane and carbon dioxide are emitted.  Therefore, when we eat meat, greenhouse gases are emitted.  If we eat less meat, then we can help alleviate global warming by reducing the emission of greenhouse gases.  Though it is a very small step, it does bring great effects.  The tiny water drops can form an ocean.  Eating less meat is the simplest way to solve the environmental problem that you and I can also follow.  As a world citizen, we have the responsibility to protect the earth together.

Besides, it is healthy for us to go vegetarian.  As shown in a survey, the number of overweight students is on the rise.  One of the reasons which leads to this issue is that students eat too much meat and too few vegetables.  To prevent this issue, we would like to launch this programme to students.  There are many nutrients like dietary fibres, minerals and vitamins in vegetables.  They can help build our body tissues and muscles, which can make us stronger and fitter.  We want to build a habit of eating vegetables among schoolmates so that our schoolmates can be healthier.

Moreover, as our school is a Buddhist school, eating meat is against our belief.  Devout Buddhists like some of our teachers are vegetarians.  We could also try to be a vegetarian and experience the Buddha’s teachings, which tell us eating meat is a kind of sin.  We should try to wean off this habit and be a vegetarian that follows the Buddha.

Last but not least, you can join our lunch gathering to show your support.  We will prepare the food in the gathering. It is a great chance for you to experience being a vegetarian.

There are many benefits for you to eat more vegetables, so don’t hesitate.  Come and support us.

Best regards

Pat Li


Student Union