Harmful Effects of Technology


(Photo description)

We Don’t Talk Anymore

In the photo, the boy and the girl are sitting together on the sofa.  It seems that they have a close relationship as the boy’s head is leaning on the girl’s shoulder.  However, they are both busy doing things on their own.  The boy, who is wearing earphones, is staring at his phone while the girl, who is wearing headphones, is using the iPad.  Instead of chatting with each other, they choose to turn their back against each other.

Technology draws people apart.  Even though we have close friends and we live with our family, do we really spend time with them?  Do we talk to them and laugh with them?  Or do we just waste our time on electronic devices and get addicted to the Internet?  Every day, we receive all kinds of information from the Internet.  There is too much of it.  Soon after we receive a piece of information, another piece of information pops up.  What we have is a timeless soul.  If we keep using our smartphone every day, we will lose our time with friends and family.  We should cherish our time with those who are important to us.  That’s why we have to reflect on this issue.

Lazy Explorer

In the photo, the boy is lying in bed with the phone in his hands.  He may be texting his friend, browsing the social media or playing mobile games.  No matter what is on his phone, the fact is that he is actually just doing something aimlessly.

Most of the people are like this boy when they are having leisure time.  There is much fun on the Internet, especially when we can explore new things and know more about the worlds through the social media.  On the social platforms, people can share anything they like, such as science fun facts, restaurant ranking, posts from a friend…We can discover them by simply clicking on the link.  We think that we know much because we get a lot of information from those platforms, but we actually haven’t done any in-depth study.  We do not have to try and explore new things by ourselves.  We are becoming lazier as learners.  We should sometimes go out and see the world.  We should experience the things we are interested in.  Having real interaction with the things is way better than glancing at the things on the Internet