Support Happy Times


What makes Happy Times so popular

In 1980s, Mr Chan opened Happy Times in Mong Kok.  For almost 40 years, he sells inexpensive and delicious bread.  The neighborhood loves his food as they can enjoy food at a low price.  Mr Chan treats his customers kindly and often treats children to free cupcakes and candies.  He loves serving his neighborhood.  His customers always smile at him when they come to the store and he feels satisfied about it.  Every type of bread in Happy Times is made with Mr Chan’s passion for serving others.  He warmly welcomes customers.  That’s what makes Happy Times popular.

Why Happy Times should stay

40 years has gone and Happy Times is still serving the neighborhood in Mong Kok.  Most of the people living nearby know this store and perhaps most of them have tried the buns and cakes made in this store.  More importantly, Happy Times sells the traditional taste.  Those Chinese buns and desserts are the customers’ collective memories.  If Happy Times closes down, the memories will fade away.  Happy Times should stay to continue spreading love in the neighborhood and keep the collective memories.  However, Happy Times is in danger of being replaced by a chain store.  Mr Chan’s store, which he has devoted more than half of his life to, may not survive.

Support Happy Times

Although Happy Times may be replaced, there are many citizens form the neighborhood supporting the store.  A campaign called ‘Show love for Happy Times’ has started. It aims at attracting public attention and collecting supportive words for Happy Times.  It also helps ask for a chance for Happy Times to stay.  ‘The chain store may get a new store anywhere, but the old store may not restart and build up reputation again easily,’ said the initiator of the campaign.

If you go to the store, you may find that there are some sticky memos on the walls.  People joining the campaign visit the store and leave these memos with their support.  If you want to join the campaign, please visit the page ‘Show love for Happy Times’ on Facebook.  You may also get some information about Happy Times and the campaign on the page.