A Mystery Location


It’s time for a riddle! Let me tell you about a mystery location. All the Carmelians must have been to this place before.
When you are there, you can see some stone tables and benches. Colourful tiles cover half of the wall in which you can find some students’ design. Also, there are one or two trees between each table. The biggest hint is that you can see there are full of students during UT or Exams who are all revising. Besides UTs and Exams, people seldom go there and thye usually chatter or enjoy their snacks there.
Second, I am going to tell you what you can hear if you sit on those benches. You may hear some nasty noise like ‘beep beep’when cars drive by and even when some pedestrians chat as there is a bus stop on the other side of the wall. Yet when it is lesson time and nothing passing on the other side of the wall, it is totally silent like a library.
After hearing, then it is time for smelling. Smells of snacks like curry fishballs or instant noodles are what you can smell there during lunch or recess since this mystery location is near the tuck shop which is just downstairs. The smells are appetizing and savouring.
I do not recommend you go to this place frequently, especially in summer. As it is an outdoor area, there are many mosquitoes. It is really a blood donation centre.
Lastly, after reading all these hints. Do you know what this place is?