A Personal Letter


Flat A, 2/F, Block 2,
Naughty Garden,
10 Chung Hau Street, Ho Man Tin, Kowloon
8th December, 2017
Hey  Ronnie,
I’m glad to receive your letter. Let me tell you a good news. I’m dating now! Guess who my boyfriend is? It’s Justin. How about you? Do you have any new relationship with Jamie?
It’s good to hear that you become more and more diligent. I read more English books as well. I’m now reading a book called “Schooled”. It’s about a boy who used to be homeschooled. Yet one day her grandma, the only one he relies on, has broken her hip. She has to go to hospital until her broken hip recovered. During that period. That little boy has to go to school. This book is about the life of that boy during that period.
I’ve just finished my UT, yet soon, after the Christmas holiday, it’s the Exam of the first term. I’m not too satisfied with my UT results. I got very low marks in English which was just around the passing mark. This time I’ve started revision Chinese History one week before the test. Guess what? I got 59 marks out of 70 marks. That’s high marks you know! I used to barely pass Chinese History. That is really unbelievable and incredible. I hope I can keep on doing well and get higher marks in all the subjects, especially in English. I know that you’ll have your Exam too. Let us both keep up!
Did you know that our class have had a great time in the picnic day? We’ve been to Shek O. My group had BBQ that day, but we’ve spent a long time setting the fire. Therefore we just had a short period to enjoy our lunch. On that day, our class played lots of games, but the most exciting one is the water booms. My classmates filled the balloons with water and threw it at each other. We were all wet! Fortunately, I didn’t join them. This recalls my memory that we also spilled water on the others on the picnic day last year. I still remember that day I forgot to bring my clothes and I’ve to go home in the wet clothes.
You know, last year before you went to Singapore, the school library was closed. This year, the new library has been opened. It is totally different from the previous one. It is colourful. I really hope you can come to visit it. This year, during the Gospel week, I’ve been to the Gospel Cafe and the Christian Fellowship. I got chance to learn about sin and become a Christian after that.
It’s time to stop now. Soon I will go to Singapore to visit you in the New Year. Hope you’ll have nice time in the homestay.