Tiger parenting


Is tiger parenting really suitable for bringing up children?

Tiger parents have already prepared their children’s path, and it is always the perfect and successful path. The tiger babies walking under the tiger parent’s guidance always manage to triumph under pressure. They strive for the first under their parents’ supervision. Tiger parents prepare the future for their kids, and there is a high chance for their kids to gain success.

Tiger parents make their children obedient and disciplined. As the tiger babies learn to adhere to their parents’ wishes and hopes, following their guidance, they gradually develop their own perseverance and grow to be tough enough to face different challenges.

However, tiger parenting also brings about disadvantages. Tiger parents tend to force their children to the path that the parents think is the best. Their roads end with an “A” always, and that is it. There are not any other roads that can add colour to their lives and they strive for nothing else but the “A”. It is a pity that their view of life is so narrow and their life can only be reduced to an “A”.

Tiger Parents make their children act like robots. They cannot have individual thinking, only obeying their parents and carrying out their orders. Every characteristic fits a robot. It really affects the children in a negative way.

To my opinion, tiger parenting cannot bring up children in a positive environment. Letting them develop by themselves and guiding them in a suitable time is more effective than tiger parenting.