Should smokers who become parents be forced to quit smoking?

Should Smokers Who Become Parents Be Forced To Quit Smoking?


I believe that all of us know very well smoking is hazardous to one’s health. Yet nowadays still lots of people smoke, including those who have become parents. I think they should be forced to quit smoking.
First of all, smoking is detrimental to ones health. Some who smoke habitually will easily suffer from lung cancer or other symptoms and sides effect like changing one’s skin and fingernails colour. What’s more, it will even kill the smokers’ lives. Maybe the parents will think it does not matter. Yet before lighting up the cigarettes in their hands, they should think about their children. No one will take care them if the parents are diagnosed with cancer. They will either become orphans or be despondent. I am sure that no one wants to see their children melancholy. So parents who smoke should not be so selfish. Dying is not just one’s matter but also the children’s matter.
Moreover, burning cigarette produce more than 4,000 chemicals, including tars and nicotine etc., which are toxic. Also second-hand smoke will cause serious health problem if the children breathe in it consistently. The third-hand smoke which is released during the process of burning cigarettes will be left on their skins, clothes, hair and furniture. They will still follow them even though it has passed for a long time. The children’s lung are still developing and inhaling these poisonous chemicals can cause serious consequences.             Therefore it cannot prevent the children from breathing in these toxic chemicals unless their parents quit smoking.
Lastly, parents are children’s role model. Especially to the adolescent as during puberty, they are more likely to be curious about everything and like boasting in front of their friends. If they see their parents also smoke, they will think it is right to smoke and think it is cool to smoke. Then they will mimic their parents to smoke since they treat their parents as their imitator. Some parents may think that they hide themselves when they are smoking then the children will not know. Yet the children are not fools. The fact is whenever how hard they hide themselves, it is inevitable that the children will know it as they can smell.
It is really unfair to the innocent children to suffer because of their parents smoke. As a parent, it is their responsibilities to protect their children from suffering. So in a bid to guarantee the children’s both mental and psychological health and future, it is a must for the government to compel them to quit smoking.