‘Secondary school students should not go dating online.’ Do you agree?

Secondary School Students Should Not Go Dating Online


      Nowadays it is very convenient if you have a phone on your hand as you can do whatever you want with your smartphone. Lately, finding lovers online by using some dating apps and social media has become a trend, and secondary school students have no exception. Yet, I think secondary school students should not go dating online as it is inutile.
First, online dating won’t last long most of the times. Secondary school students are easily hurt. Since secondary school students are adolescents. They are not grown-up. They are immature and not experienced. They are easily deceived by the strangers that they know online. For example, the handsome boy who a secondary school student know online and whose beautiful profile photo the student gets attracted may uses a ‘fake’ photo or uses Photoshop to edit a photo. Then the secondary school student will be disappointed when she discovers the fact. Also, she treats her ‘online boyfriend’ wholeheartedly whereas he maybe just wants to prank her. Maybe he is not serious at all. In that case, that secondary school students has a permanent trauma in her heart and is not willing to move on even though it has passed a long time. As they are still young, they cannot bear such a big sorrow. Therefore, it is not a good idea for secondary school students to go dating online.
Furthermore, it is hazardous for secondary school students to go dating online. As the people whom the secondary school students date online are strangers, they may come to the secondary school students for some reasons as they know that some secondary school students may not be wise enough to interpret their motives. They can simply just say some sweet words to cajole them like telling the secondary school students to give them money or some other scams. Therefore it is dangerous for secondary school students to go dating online.
Last but not least, the secondary school students’ academic results will be influenced. Since secondary school students are still studying, if they go dating online, they will be distracted as they communicate with their online boyfriend or girlfriend by using mobile phones. They always think of their phones since they miss their lovers. As a result, they cannot concentrate in lessons. Then they will miss some key points. Thus, they are not able to catch up with the learning progress and lag behind. Therefore, their academic results will be jeopardized.
To sum up, secondary school students who go dating online will affect their academic results and it is dangerous to do so. Moreover, secondary school students will easily fall into a fraud as they are ignorant. All in all, secondary school students go dating online will do no good. Therefore I strongly agree that secondary school students should not go dating online.