Instragram enriches social lives.


Instagram is a famous social media app nowadays. It is an app for people to share their daily lives with others by uploading photos and videos. I think Instagram can enrich the social lives for mainly 2 reasons.

First, we can share photos of our daily lives to the others immediately. We can upload photos and videos on Instagram every moment. It provides a platform for us to share what we have just done, such as what we eat and where we go. We can share our experience to others and the others can give comments of their own experience to us. Therefore, we can share and learn from each other by using Instagram.

Moreover, we can follow some accounts that we are interested in. Everyone can follow different accounts from all the world, such as arts, music, sports and food etc. We can get more information and know more about different culture around the world. For example, if we want to know more about Japan, we can follow more accounts which are about different aspects and culture in Japan, so that we can get more information. Therefore, we can learn more about the world by using Instagram.

To sum up, Instagram can enrich our social lives because we can share our daily experience to the others and others can also share their own experience with us. We can communicate with others and learn more from others by using Instagram.