The Modernized Version Of The Boy Who Cried Wolf


Once upon a time, there was a village called Sheep Land.The people there earned money money by selling sheep. Sheep were very important for them.

There was a boy called James. He was a quiet boy.He seldom communicated with others,so some of the villagers always bullied him.Although James was unhappy about their behaviour, he forgave them.

One day, a wolf intruded into their village.He wanted to eat the sheep but was unsuccessful. When James saw it, he cried out,’The wolf is coming! The wolf is coming!’

However, when the villagers were coming,the wolf ran away.The villagers didn’t believe in James that the wolf has just come there and they thought that James used the prank to play tricks on them.They beat James and warned him. James felt wronged and angry with him.

One week later,the wolf went to this village again. James intended not to inform the villagers at that moment,but he could not bear,Finally,he told to the villagers.Unfortunately, the villagers came late,the wolf had already fled.The villagers thought that James told a lie.They warned James that if he said the wolf was coming again,they would kill him.

One month later, bthe wolf went there again. But this time,James disregard this matter.The wolf ate all of the sheep in the village and some of villagers’ daughters and sons. The villagers knew about this. They cried and asked James why he didn’t tell anyone about this.

James explained,’You told me that if I said the wolf is coming again ,you will kill me.Actually,I never tell the lie which is about the wolf is coming, but you don’t believe me! I felt grieved and sad. You have never cared about my feelings. I also have emotions and thought! You can treat me like that,so why can’t I like be you?I don’t want to stay in this village anymore!’

Finally, James left the village. Since then,the villagers have never seen James again……

This story teaches us that we should cherish the care and kindness of others. Also, if you want others to be nice to you, you should know how to respect and treat others kindly.