Past Paper Practice (Letter To The Editor)


    I’m writing to express my views on the use of social network platform. I believe that social network platform brings harm to people.
First of all, the world of the social network platforms are dangerous. Nowadays, almost all the people in Hong Kong have at least one or more than one account of social network platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, and so on. These platforms are used to share one’s feelings or things about their lives. Also, people can meet new friends through these platforms even if they have not met them before as they can randomly add a person whenever they see his/her account. Although it requires one to accept their requests to make them become his/her friends, some people may just accept their requests blindly even though they do not know them, as some people think the more friends they have on their accounts, the more sociable they are. However, it is quite risky to do so. Since the strangers may have some bad motives for being one’s friends, maybe they pretend to be one’s friend and deceive one’s love or properties. The number of crimes of people being deceived has risen lately. Most of the cases are about people falling in love with a stranger and after they are in a relationship, the strangers ask the victims to lend some money to them for several times. Then the strangers flee and finally the victims realize it is a fraud. What’s more, they may be abducted by the strangers. Therefore, it is dangerous to use the social networking platform.
Moreover, it will affect our social circles. As some teens may be addicted to the use of these social networking platforms, they may easily get used to the virtual reality and snub their friends or families. They may lose their friends and inter-personal skills as they get adapted to talking with the friends online and neglect their friends and families. As time passes they may forget how to get along with others in reality, so it may make their social circles shrink.
Lastly, using social networking platform may influence their academic results. As the information in the online world is rich and all-rounded, it is appealing to the user of the social networking platforms. For instance, once they started scrolling Instagram, they cannot stop as their inhibitions are taken easily. They may spend all their study time on scrolling Instagram. As a result, their academic results are affected.
To sum up, the use of social networking platforms bring harm to people.
Your faithfully,
Kelly Chau