Learning without walls


On April 13, we went to Disneyland—The Land Of Physics. Learning without walls was rather fun and educational. Who thought learning physics could be so fun!

The teacher of the class took us through Disneyland while introducing how the engineers designed their rollercoasters with the use of physics. We had to try on different rides to improve our knowledge about physics. For example, friction is used on the ride, Hyperspace Mountain, to reduce and increase the speed of the cart. Also the teacher introduced us to potential and kinetic energy that the engineers used to make high turns and upslopes. Some of the teachers even joined in to experience the use of physics on the roller coasters. The teacher gave us a lecture on the Electromagnet Spectrum after that.

The Mickey’s Philphar magic was amazing. The movie made us feel like the characters were right next to us because of the surrounding sounds and the four dimensional animation. It was awesome!

We had a lot of fun that day. It was an unforgettable experience of learning without walls. It really helped to broaden our knowledge of physics.