The excitement of working on stage


Watching dramas is one the popular activities among Hongkongers. We enjoy watching dramas. In fact, Hong Kong has produced many high-quality dramas. There are countless troupes in Hong Kong providing different types of dramas for audience to choose from. There are four elements in a drama, including the actors, plot, stage, and last but not least audience. The most important one? Actors for sure.

Young Post talked to Wong Shun Yin, a senior actor with the Hong Kong Repertory Theatre(HKREP) for over 15 years.


To be an excellent actor, being passionate about acting is one of the key qualities that one should possess. Wong spends most of his time rehearsing and memorising his lines.

He also says he loves playing different types of roles. He says he loves challenging himself. In fact, he excelled in every single role that he had played before.

He also says a good actor has to be confident and hard-working. Good memory is also needed to memorise all the lines.


‘An HKAPA degree will definitely give you an advantage. I was one of the alumni,’ said Wong. As studying in Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts will help you develop the foundation skills of acting, most troupes will first consider interviewees who hold a degree from HKAPA. For you own good, it is best for you to own a degree in order to stay ahead from others in the game.

Work prospects

‘You always start from the bottom. Never expect you will be the main actor or even the supporting actor when you first step into this industry,’ Wong said.

He then adds after a couple of years of gaining experience, you can have more chances to act on stage. Eventually, you will receive more and more chances to perform on stage. The more experienced you are, the more natural you perform. However, even experienced actors do not always have the chance to be the main actor. Also, performing opportunities are not guaranteed. Wong says he once had a year that he didn’t receive any chances to perform.

Long-term prospect

‘Not all actors can gain audience’s attention but someday your hard work will be recognised,’ he mentioned. As long as you are hard-working enough, your future in this industry will be very bright. However, you have to be mentally prepared that your career may not be as successful as you think. Not all actors can shoot to fame.

Average pay

The salary is very unstable for actors. This is because the paying method is by piece rate. That means you get paid according to how many times you perform. That means no performance, no earnings. Unstable income is also one of the reasons why teenagers nowadays are not willing to enter the performing arts industry.