When was the last time I cried?


What does the word “cry” mean? Why do people cry? Actually, I had some ideas when I was reading an article. First, people may cry because they feel upset. For example, they have arguments with their friends or parents. In this situation, people weep over to pour out their emotions. Also, people may cry as they are touched by something. They may read romance novels or listen to tear-jerk songs. Therefore, they break into tears in a melting mood. What’s more, people may cry tears of joy. They laugh their heads off, thus, tears come out of their eyes.

I seldom cry. I cried in April last time. It means I have not cried for six months already. What happened at that time? I received my Chinese History test paper. That was my first time to fail in exam in my whole life time. I was so disappointed However, I didn’t want to cry in front of anybody. As a result, I tried hard to hold my tears. Nevertheless, after going back home, I cried my heart out even though I knew that crying couldn’t let go of my trouble. I couldn’t calm down even after a week.

I do not like crying but I cannot stop myself from sobbing and weeping sometimes. Actually, I can see no reason why crying means weakness. I believe that it is just the expression of our feelings and is extremely natural. Also, the reason why we cry is not only because of our negative emotions. We would cry for some positive thoughts and exciting events. We can cry owing to some happy incidents or when we are being touched. Consequently, I think that crying is super normal and is a simple way to express our feelings.