The funniest animal family


I love my animal family.

All the animals are living joyously.

Do you want to come and see?

I promise you that it would be funny.


I have a bee, which is hard-working.

Due to his busy job, our relationship is breaking apart.

I know that he works for me.

But I want to say, “please be lazy!”


I also have a sheep, a gentle sheep.

After coming back home, she starts to sweep.

What does she do? Innumerable housework.

Although I may do something wrongly, she will never scold me.


I have a shrewd dolphin, too,

She is beautiful and knowledgeable.

She always has good academic results.

When she grows up, she can be a famous author.


Last but not least, there’s me.

Everybody can guess what I am easily.

Yes! I sleep the most in the animal family.

I’m a lazy piggy!