Knit-along and Warm a Heart


Knit-along and Warm a Heart

Join the principal and the teaching staff this Saturday to knit scarves for a charity project by Street Sleeper Support (HK).

Why take part?

As we always say, we have to care for the needy in society. However, in reality, most of us just turn a blind eye to their needs and stay at home at weekends. This situation can be attributed to two reasons. First, we do not know the way to help. Second, we think helping them is too time-consuming. No worries, we are going to tell you the way!

Winter is coming and the monsoon wind is blowing stronger and stronger. Our poor friends on the street are trying hard to beat the cold every day. Don’t you want to offer them some support? To do something beneficial and charitable to our society, you should join our “ Knit-along and Warm a Heart” campaign this Saturday! By knitting scares together with our principal and teachers and giving the scarves to the street sleepers, hundreds hearts can be warmed!

About the charity project

Thinking that knitting scarves is hard and complicated? No! Actually it is just a simple skill which is easy to pick up.

On Saturday morning, you will be first divided into groups and given a pack of knitting wool. Our lovely, caring, dearest teaching staff including our principal, Miss Chan, I-T King, Mr Chu, Master of Humanity, Mrs Chou, Maths-God, Mr Chui,etc have been invited to be the leaders of groups. They all know how to knit beautiful scarves. If you have not learnt the skill before, here comes a golden chance as they will teach you seriously, patiently and sincerely. The colours and the styles of scarves can even be chosen freely according to your will! The more you knit, the more you can help!

Why don’t we just join it and contribute a bit to put a smiley face on our dearest friends on the streets?

The work of Street Sleeper Support

Street Sleeper Support (HK) is an NGO founded in 1986. It aims at not only improving the livelihoods of the street sleepers, but also raising public awareness of their plight. From the past to present, Street Sleeper Support is committed and dedicated to serving the vulnerable and poor, genuinely hoping that the sleepers could find their home eventually.

The work of Street Sleeper Support (HK) includes delivering regular lunch boxes and offering financial assistance to the needy.It also organises advocacy campaigns and workshops to raise awareness of social issues in Hong Kong, especially issues related to the poor. For example, the large-scale Christmas charitable fundraiser, “Caring about the Poor”, organised once a year is held by it.

This Saturday, the charity project, “ Knit-along and Warm a Heart”, aims at transferring our love to the group of people suffering from boredom and coldness and are surrounded loneliness. All the scarves knitted will be given to Street Sleeper Support (HK) to our poor friends on the streets.

Please don’t watch the situation with folded arms if you are free the coming Saturday. Let us join hands to offer help to the organisation and benefits the sleepers together!