I am a book


Life is a book. Some chapters are sad, while some are happy, and some contain both, or even more!

In my chapter about childhood, it was mostly filled up with joy and happiness, while the rest of it was about fear, anger, and sorrow. Let me quote some sentences inside me. “In Primary 6,  I went to the Educational Camp with my friends. What I’ve gained from it are not only friends, but also the survival skills that save me from unexpected situations one day.” As you can see, it has been one of the joyful experiences that cannot be forgotten.

Although there are some ‘good’ chapters, there must be some chapters that I hate. Again, let me quote some of them. “In Form 1, my friend betrayed me and said that I tore off another classmate’s textbook on purpose, but I actually did not do it. It was such a heartbreaking accident because I almost received a mini demerit because of it. But every cloud has a silver lining. A kind teacher talked to me about it and believed in me. He soon uncovered the secret – the real ‘criminal’ was my friend! I was shocked when I heard it. But soon I thought I would do something similar to him if I was in that situation. Admitting mistakes is even harder than catching a tiger.” That chapter is filled with disappointment. You will never know whether your friends will betray you or not, but just show mercy to them. Your friendship with your friend may be strengthened after it!  There is also a moral in it. It could teach my readers a lesson– sad things won’t last forever. You can learn from them and improve so that you can turn the sad chapters into happy ones!

I have mentioned a lot about my past chapters, but I haven’t turned to the new chapter yet. Therefore, I have to keep turning the page so that I can know what the next chapter holds.