We can make a difference


We can make a difference

Not everyone is born to a fairy-tale like loving family and Amy is one of the less luck ones.  She grew up in a traditional Chinese family with two younger brothers.  Her parents showed little concern to her as their attention was all drawn to the two brothers. Her life was exactly like that of Cinderella.  She had to do housework, prepare meals for her family, be scolded by stepmother and bullied by her brothers.  Sadly, the only difference is that she did not meet a prince and lived happily ever after.  However, she met a benevolent family living next door.  They gave her snacks, little gifts and were always showing her appreciation and care.  They did not do much but had already made Amy feel being loved and empowered her with enough strength to survive in this indifferent family.  She was thankful towards her neighbour.  She, at the same time, doubted why they were so kind-hearted.  She discovered a story behind.

The family migrated from mainland China in earlier years.  They were really poor and could not even afford three proper meals a day.  They were still feeling gloomy while recalling from the memory those tough days.  Fortunately, they were lucky enough to meet some good neighbours who did not look down on them and treat them like their family members, giving them meals and recommend them for jobs, so that they could earn a living.  Therefore, they were willing to share love with others because they had been blessed with love from their neighbours.  Amy was influenced by their kindness. She was determined to share what she had with others in the community. After a few years, she became a doctor and joined the Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), an international, medical humanitarian organisation serving the needy and the underprivileged all around the world.  She would like to give hope to those devastated people.  Finally, she had her own happy ending.

In this affluent Hong Kong, everyone is occupied with their own business.  Who will pay attention to their surroundings?  We might not even know what our neighbours’ names are.  If we would like to make a difference in our community, we should first observe.  Some people in need are often around waiting for help.  We can make a difference in their life.  Don’t always stare at our phone and ignore real lives passing by us.  Don’t just make complaints about the unsympathetic city.  We can contribute to making a change to it.

It is high time we changed our mindset. Not only should we take the initiative to help the others but we should also be concerned about others more.  I believe all of us can make our contribution by being more considerate and generous.  Love and kindness will spread around and Hong Kong is going to become a warm and loving city.