The Day I Went Out With My Dog


I have a lovely dog called Sally. It’s brown in colour and with fluffy fur. It’s really cute and it always cheers me up.

It was a sunny Sunday morning , and it was the best time to go out with Sally.

‘Sally! Let’s go out and have a walk!’ I said.

I took Sally to the park which was nearest to my home. I threw a tennis ball into the flower clump.

‘Sally! Go and take the ball back!’ I gave an order to Sally.

In a blink of eyes, Sally rushed into the flower clump. However she didn’t come back at once.

‘Sally? Sally? Where are you? Sally, where did you go?’I wondered.

I waited for ten minutes. I became extremely anxious. I was worried about my Sally. I walked around the park and looked for her. Suddenly, I saw a man carrying a dog away.

‘That’s Sally!’ I shouted.

I chased the man and tried to get back Sally. However, the man had already got on a taxi and gone.

I grabbed a bike on the road side and followed the taxi . Soon, I arrived at an industrial building.

I secretly followed the man. On the 10th floor, it was a slaughterhouse. Many pigs and dogs were hung there and there was blood on the floor. The men went into the slaughterhouse and locked the door. I couldn’t go inside but only peeped in through the gap between door and the floor. He took Sally to a dark place and skinned Sally alive.

‘Sally!’I cried.

Then the cruel man chopped Sally into pieces and the blood slashed everywhere. I didn’t know what happened to Sally next because I felt a bit dizzy and passed out.

“Hey Michael, 828, wake up! What happened to you?” said Miss Shih. “You have already slept for 15 minutes!”