A Day with Chow Yun-fat


Last time, I ended the blog entry where I won the game show “Surprise Box” and was told to get a chance to spend a day with a mysterious celebrity. And now I’ve spent the day with him, could all of you guys guess who he is? If you read the title, then you will know that, yes, it’s Chow Yun-fat, the actor whose fans would always like to track him down, and about half of Hong Kong’s population are his fans (maybe I exaggerated, but never mind). Anyway, I didn’t need to find him; he was always next to me for the whole day!

The first thing that came to mind when I knew I was going to meet him was: Oh man, I’ve never seen a celebrity in real before! And it’s even Chow! I thought I would be speechless, but it turned out that I talked a little too much. We met at a restaurant in Kowloon City, where he lives, at about eleven. He started our conversation by asking me some questions about family, friends, and school, and I probably didn’t react so well. I felt awkward talking like friends the first time we met, but who cares? He’s a celebrity after all! Shouldn’t I be excited that there wasn’t a barrier between us? Well, we chatted non-stop while enjoying our early lunch in the Cha Chaan Teng  (just in case you don’t know what it means, it’s a Hong Kong style restaurant). After I drank the last sip of my milk tea, he paid the bill――including mine――without asking me! When I asked whether I should pay him back, he just said it wasn’t needed. It’s so kind of him!

Then, we walked down the streets of Kowloon City. However, we didn’t had any time to chat as for every minute, someone would ask Chow whether they could take a photo or a selfie together. Of course, I often became the photographer, and how would I miss the chance of taking photos with him too? (scroll down for them) I doubt if he took a selfie with everyone in the restaurant before I came! He kept his smile on his face, and said hi to everyone who saw him. Such a nice guy! We stopped by the wet market during our stroll. Fewer people came forward and took their phones out. Instead, every stall owner in the market greeted him, and gave him some pretty good ingredients. Probably he often goes there. We met his wife and she gave me some tips on how to choose the best ingredients in the market. She could’ve been starred in a cookery programme! We kept on buying snacks along the trip. He loves them! We continued until seven. He told me that if he sees me again, he’ll probably treat me to a meal!

That’s my day with Chow Yun-fat! It’s nothing special, but he was just like a good old friend. It warms me up in the cold weather. He’s also generous, and doesn’t pick on things much. He just blends into society. Somehow I feel that Hong Kong isn’t a cold-hearted place after all. There’s still kindness between us. And at last, I should polish my photography skills in case I meet him again!