A Day with a Celebrity


You won in a game show and got a chance to spend a day with a celebrity. In your blog entry, write about what you did with the celebrity and how you felt. Write the blog entry in no less than 250 words.


A Day with Maddie

Posted on February 13,2017 by Candy

For those who have been reading my blog for a while, you could have known the story behind this meeting with Maddison Ziegler and my admiration towards her. For newcomers, Maddison, who is usually referred as Maddie, is a former star in the reality show Dance Moms. She is a great dancer and has enrolled in the Abby Lee Dance Company since she was 2. She is a very famous star as she appeared in multiple music videos of pop singer Sia and has launched her own clothing line. She also acted in some series and films. She was also the youngest judge in the television dance competition, So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation. To conclude, she is a very successful and talented teen. It is hard to believe that this amazing girl is just 14.

Well, I was in one of the game shows last month and I was so lucky that I won the show. I won the grand prize and earned the chance to spend a day with my idol Maddie Ziegler. I was so excited about the meeting because I really wanted to know my idol not just through the computer screen but in real life, even if it is just a short day. I flew to Pittsburgh, where Maddie lives, a day before the meeting. The day  finally came and I got to see the rising star in the performing industry. We met at eight at a coffee shop where we ate cheesecakes. ( Maddie fans would know that she loves them! ) I still remember the excitement and thankfulness I felt when I saw her waiting for me with all smiles. I found it so unreal to see such a famous celebrity in front of me and in such a short distance.

I tried not to over-react and fangirl too much, which was really hard. I expected the conversation to be awkward but it turned out great. Maybe it was because we are of the same age. She is so bubbly and cheerful. Anyway, I learned a lot more about her. She talked about her busy schedules. She has dance classes and practices every day, manages her clothing line, goes to photo shoots, and writes her own memoir, The Maddie Diaries, which is to be published on March 7. Her life is full of challenges and she is a perfectionist. She tries to do her best but never lets that stress her out. She has many goals, one of them is that she wants to expand the clothing line from teenage wear to options in adult sizes beginning in the spring or summer this year. It is never easy for 14-year-olds to face this much of a challenge. Despite her real plenitude life, she manages to stay humble. She never thinks of herself as a perfect or successful person. I find it really inspiring because it is not easy to keep yourself from being proud.

After breakfast, I followed Maddie to the Abby Lee Dance Company. She takes classes and attends practices there. She tries to improve her skills and thrive for more. It is kind of surprising that even such a great dancer practicing hard and not to lose her original intention. Maddie picks up the choreography fast and her moves are precise and sharp. According to her coach, she never skips practice, which amazes me with her determination.

After the class, we moved on to attend a photo shoot. She is often cast in magazine shoots. I can never imagine how hard modeling is. Just a single shot requires much preparation, like discussing postures, hair and makeup, matching styles and many trails. However, I am more impressed by the confidence in Maddie. She has her own style and expressions, and she isn’t shy in front of the camera at all. It encourages me to work on my self-confidence more.

After a while, it was already time to depart. Although our time together was short, I feel like this experience is so life-changing. Maddie has been my inspiration since I was young and she introduced me to dancing. Meeting her was more than a dream come true. It was a reminder for me to do what I truly like and work hard for it.