A diary entry–Regrets of Matilda


In the story The necklace, Mrs Loisel finally learnt that the diamond necklace she borrowed from Mrs Forester was fake. Imagine you were Mrs Loisel. Write a letter to you husband after you had found out the truth.


My dear husband,

I’m sorry about everything I have done and what I am about to say.

Well, today I went for a walk in the park to relax a bit after a hard week. Out of nowhere, I saw a young and pretty woman walking with a child. I would never have thought it was Jeanne. Do you remember her? She was the rich friend that lent the diamond necklace to me. I decided to reveal to her about what happened to the necklace (as we’ve finally settled the debt). I thought it was all great that it is over now until Jeanne told me the real story about the necklace. It was fake and made out of glass. It was not worth more than five hundred francs!

It must have been a huge shock to you too. I never thought the necklace was fake. I thought everything was okay if I replaced the necklace. However, it turned out like this and I am more than sorry for what I did. I should never have been so childish to demand the gown and the necklace. I should have thought twice about lying to Jeanne. I should have been honest. It was me who made us get into so much trouble. I remember how once in a while when working hard, I would think about the grand party. I was beautiful and gorgeous with people admiring me, but such a small thing changed our entire life drastically.

I am sorry for being so selfish. It was silly of me to have thought that the admiration and praise can bring me joy. My extreme pride, materialism, and shallowness made me feel that I was deprived of luxuries. My greed has forced us to pay a huge debt, and I truly regret what I got you into. I thought I was born to live a luxurious life, but it was so ironic that the desire for fake luxury, has incurred a terrible price. I am sorry that you had to work late every night. I am sorry that I made you live a toilsome life for ten whole years. I am sorry that I have been such an irresponsible wife.

I do not know what to do to make up for this. I know I am a horrible wife, and I do not know how to face you again. Therefore I hope to leave you for good. It is probably the best for you, that you can leave such an awful wife that robbed ten years of your life. I am truly sorry for what I have done.

I hope the best for you.