Harry Potter and me


One night, I was awakened by the sound of distant thunder. As I opened my eyes, I found that I was lying on the floor! All my sleepiness was gone. I stood up and immediately and tried to figure out where I was. I saw a lot of flying birds and a door in front of me. I touched my forehead .There’s a lightning scar! I quickly realised who I was. I was Harry Potter! Since I had watched the movie for numerous times, I knew I should take the broom at the door behind me. I was still quite shocked when I heard a high-pitched, deafening sound of birds flapping their wings and tweeting.

“Harry! Are you alright? You suddenly fell down from the broom! “Hermione was walking towards me. Then I heard a dreamy sound and saw a tiny, fat fairy with golden hair. “I turned you into Harry Potter because you didn’t switch off the television. Do you know it wastes a lot of energy? I did this to let you know the consequence. Although it seems fun, it isn’t easy to pass the test, which is to open the door with Hermione and Ron. “

I knew what I should do then. I took the broom and tried to fly, but I failed. I didn’t want Hermione and Ron to know that I was not the real Harry Potter so I only said, “ That one is the key . Ron will go to the left and Hermione will go to the right. Ron, you will try and catch the key and when it is escaping, Hermione will catch it since the key will possibly escape to the right since you are going to catch it from the left. Pass me the key once you catch it.” They mounted their broom and followed my instruction. I took the only broom left and tried to control it. I failed.

I soothed myself and told myself, “ I can do it!” I flew off. It was not so hard as I thought. I quickly managed to control it and flew to the key’s level. I saw the key and zoomed to it as quickly as I could. I leaned forward, tried to reach the key, then ‘pop’, I felt the cold metal in my hand, fighting against my control.

“I got the key! Let’s go! ” I landed perfectly and opened my hand. The key lied perfectly still in my palm now. We dashed to the door, turned the key and stepped out of the door before they did.

I was in my warm and comfortable room again. I didn’t want my parents to know my amazing adventure. I wanted it to be my little secret so instead of striding, I tiptoed to the television, switched it off, and sneaked back to my bed.  Phew! Just in time!

“Wake up, darling!” “Yes , Mum!” I crawled out from my bed, pretending that nothing had happened …