A Tiny Me


One night, I was awakened by the sound of distant thunder. As I opened my I eyes, I was shocked. My bedroom became giant and I saw a weird UFO fly away from our house. I thought, ‘Did the aliens transform me into a tiny human?’

Suddenly, I saw a mosquito. It was as big as a bird. I ran away at once and screamed. It was then I heard the weirdest thing ever. The mosquito said, ‘Hey! Little boy, don’t be scared.’ Was I dreaming? I thought it was just my imagination. But after that, it said, ‘Hey! Don’t be scared, talking is normal for animals. Every animal can talk. Humans do not know we can talk as we do not talk when they are around.’ Oh! All animals could talk! How amazing!

Then, I had a long conversation with the mosquito. The mosquito was called Ben and they had their own country, too. They had TVs, cars, plane, boats and even trains!

When we were talking, suddenly, mum came in. We hid under the pillow. She was angry and shouted, ‘You naughty Arnold, where have you been?’ She was furious, so she threw away the pillow. Then, mum saw us. She hated mosquitos so much.

I shouted, ‘Ben! She hates mosquitos. She’ll kill…’ Before I could say the last word, mum had already attacked us. Ben picked me up and flew away. I tried to get close to mum, so that she could hear me. But when I got closer, she used her hands to hit us. Ben flew up and down, so that she could not hit us.

When we were getting closer, suddenly, we were hit by mum. Ben fainted and we were falling to the floor. I shouted, ‘Ben! Wake up! We will die! Ben!’ When we almost hit the ground, Ben woke up. He flew upwards and we survived. We cried, ‘Yeah!’ But we still did not realize that mum’s hand was dashing towards us. When we knew that, it was too late. Ben threw me to the bed but was hit by mum. I fell on the pillow hard but did not feel painful. I did not know where Ben was, so I shouted, ‘Ben! Ben! Where are you?’ No one answered me.

Then, I saw mum sitting on the bed. She said angrily, ‘If I find Arnold, he’ll not be allowed to play video games for a month!’ I jumped onto her hand and climbed up. I stood right next to her ear and cried, ‘Hi mum! I am on your shoulder!’ She was shocked for a few seconds. Then, she looked at her shoulder and screamed, “OH MY GOD!’

I said, ‘I guess some aliens made me tiny. I saw a UFO.’ ‘What can we do?’ asked mum. ‘Take me out please,’ I told mum. ‘You stay here, I go get some food for you.’ Mum left me in the garden.

Suddenly, I saw the UFO again. It flew towards me. I was scared. There were two aliens getting off from the UFO and they caught me. They put me into a giant glass box and used something to make me faint.

Later I was awakened by the sound of distant thunder again. As I open my eyes, I was not in the glass box. Oh! I became normal! Wait a minute, I was about two metres tall now. I rushed back home and shouted, ‘Mom. I’m normal now. But I’m very tall!’

Mum heard me and screamed, ‘Oh my God! You can join the NBA now!’ She felt very happy. Then, I thought about Ben. Where was Ben? I went to my bedroom and shouted, ‘Ben, where are you?’ A few minutes later, I heard Ben say, ‘Hey! Arnold! I am right next to your ear now!’ I turned right and saw Ben. I was relieved.

Now I talked to Ben every night. He became the president of the Mosquito Kingdom and also my best friend.